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The CrossFit prescription is “constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity”. Classes are one hour and combine strength training with metabolic conditioning. Programming is streamed for both fitness and performance with the objective of making classes accessible for any level of fitness at any age including those looking to compete at various levels. Because you never know what to expect with CrossFit, it promises an engaging and exciting experience every time.

Athletic Conditioning

This class is inclusive and open to all skill and fitness levels. Classes are designed to improve athletic movement, strength, speed and conditioning for sport. Work is completed with a partner in circuits performed at a high intensity. Movements include a variety of accessible body weight exercises (such as plyometrics, footwork & agility, sprint mechanics, and core work), dumbbells, kettlebells, and some use of lightly loaded barbells.

Olympic Weightlifting

Athletes of all skills are welcomed to join this class. Whether a seasoned lifter or a rookie, this class is designed to help athletes improve technique, build strength, and increase explosiveness in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Learning and mastering Olympic lifts promote body awareness through coordination with load and improves total body strength and explosiveness.

For those looking to compete, welcome to the 1855 Barbell Club! To train for the competitive season, athletes participate in olympic weightlifting classes and train in the open gym area. CrossFit 1855 coaches can provide programming and planning as well as coaching support through local and provincial meets.


*CLASS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE* You are never too old to start CrossFit! Masters is similar to a regular CrossFit class, but designed specifically for the needs of 60+ looking to live a healthy lifestyle. The body’s ability to positively adapt to exercise continues even as it ages. Regular physical activity helps the body feel young and stay independent longer. Strength in Numbers provides the opportunity to work in a small group setting, regardless of existing fitness level, that is supportive and develops a comradery that will encourage participants to continually improve and learn new skills (and eventually master them!).

Open Gym

CrossFit 1855 offers an open gym section for members. The large open space is fully equipped with rigs, barbells, rings, bikes, rowers, ski ergs, and more. Supplemental programming is available for an additional fee. Members and programs must be approved by CrossFit 1855 to show they are competent and safe in their movements for Open Gym as it is an unsupervised space. CrossFit 1855 reserves the right to remove open gym privileges if members are deemed unsafe or likely to injure themselves.


Open Gym Etiquette & Hours

Personal Training

Personal training is a tool available to members to enhance skills or to work towards specific goals. On-ramp personal training sessions are also available and are designed to prepare you for CrossFit classes.