Thursday, June 20th

Thursday, June 20th

A. Game warm up:
Hungry Hungry Hippos
3 x 1:30 minutes
– Split the gym in 2 groups and set up a pile of balls in the middle of the gym (use an assortment of weight).
– On the call of go, each team crab walks towards the balls, grabs one and puts it in their lap then brings the ball back over to their side until the end of the round.
– Score is total LBS or KGs of the balls that each team brought back.
– You can make this a bit spicy too by adding a penalty for the losing team of each round. Each lbs difference is a burpees for each member of the team. (cap number of reps)
– Rules are simple, in order to move, you must be in a crab position so when the athletes is crabbing the ball, they cannot be moving at all. Once the athlete is back up on their hands and feet with no contact of their bums on the ground , they can move to their side or towards the balls.

B. Specific
go over each movement
– DB squats, 5 reps
– Shoulder to OH, 5 reps /side
– Shoulder to OH, 5 reps both arms
– Devil press:
– 5 deadlifts, DB between legs
– 5 double DB snatch
– 5 devil press

Metcon (9 Rounds for reps)
3 rounds

– 5 DB squats 50/35
– 5 shoulder to OH 50/35

rest 30 seconds

– 4 devil’s press 50/35
– 6 reverse lunges, farmer’s cary style 50/35

rest 30 seconds

2 minute max 25’ farmer’s carry 50/35

rest 2 minutes


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