Month: June 2019

Monday, June 24th

Monday, June 24th Warm-up A. Bike/Row/Run/Ski 3 minutes @low intensity, nose breathing B. Mobility PNF banded lat stretch 2 sets of 10 reps/arm C. 2 sets 10 band pull back in power position 5 glute bridge, hold every rep for 3 seconds 5 box jump + step down@incresing power from rep 1 to 10 Weightlifting… Read more »

Saturday, June 22nd

Saturday, June 22nd Warm-up A. Bike/Row/Run/Ski 3 rounds 1 minutes @easy-mod* *Nose breathing 30 seconds elbow plank 5 slamball @70% rest 3-5 minutes B. 2 rounds 5 med ball swing passes/partner 5 ‘’wallballs’’ passes/partner 5 med ball plank passes/partner 5 med ball lunges passes/partner 2 rounds 10 seconds bike/row/ski @hard/ partner 3 wall climb/partner while… Read more »

Friday, June 21st

Friday, June 21st Warm-up A. HR activation 60 seconds Row @low intensity 5/5 bird dog, hold every rep for 3 seconds 45 seconds Row @mod intensity 30 seconds side Plank (Left) 30 seconds Row @high intensity 30 seconds side Plank (Right) B. Mobility World greatest stretch 2 sets of 10-15 rep/side C. Post chain activation… Read more »

Thursday, June 20th

Thursday, June 20th Warm-up A. Game warm up: Hungry Hungry Hippos 3 x 1:30 minutes – Split the gym in 2 groups and set up a pile of balls in the middle of the gym (use an assortment of weight). – On the call of go, each team crab walks towards the balls, grabs one… Read more »

Wednesday, June 19th

Wednesday, June 19th Warm-up A. EMOM 10 minutes odd- Row or Ski 45 seconds @mod even- 10 slam ball @80% B. Mobility 10 rep paralette extension C. Specific activation 10 W band pull apart, hold every rep 3 sec 10 banded hollow lat pull down 10 ring rows, hold 3 sec at top 10 jumping… Read more »

Tuesday, June 18th

Tuesday, June 18th Warm-up A. EMOM9 1. 45 seconds Bike/Row/Run/Ski @mod 2. 5/5 Tall kneeling single KB press 3. 6 seated box jump @increasing power on each rep B. Mobility PNF lat stretch on bench 10-15 rep – Contraction for 7-10 seconds (pushing elbows on the bench) – Stretch for 7-10 seconds – relax as… Read more »

Monday, June 17th

Monday, June 17th Warm-up A. Bike/Row/Ski/Run 3 minutes @low intensity* *Nose breathing B. Mobility Lat stretch + single arm Y raise C. Specific activation C1. 2 rounds 20 seconds/side single DB squat hold 25’/25’ single DB OH carry 5 scap pulls on rings C2. 1 rounds – 10 seconds hold at the top of a… Read more »

Saturday, June 15th

Saturday, June 15th Warm-up Warm-up A. Bike/row/run/ski 40 sec @lwo intensity 20 sec @mod-high intensity B. Wrist mobility 60 seconds/side C. Specific 2 sets 5 banded W-Y pulls 5 W band pull apart 5 Planche rock to wall climb 10/10 shoulder taps facing wall Planche rock to wall climb: https:// Gymnastics Handstand Walk (Max reps)… Read more »

Friday, June 14th

Friday, June 14th Warm-up Warm-up A. Activation Bike/Row/Ski 3 minutes @low intensity B. PNF lat stretch on bench 10-15 rep – Contraction for 7-10 seconds (pushing elbows on the bench) – Stretch for 7-10 seconds – relax as needed C. 2 sets 5 Muscle snatch, no hook grip no contact 5 Pressing snatch balance 5… Read more »

Thursday, June 13th

CrossFit 1855 – CrossFit Metcon Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) Warm up: 2 rounds 25m each hand single arm overhead walking lunges (light to moderate weight) 12/arm and leg single arm single leg bent over row(light to moderate weight) 12 alternating overhead pvc kossac squat 15 minutes to build to a 1 RM overhead squat. Lifters… Read more »