Month: May 2019

Saturday, June 1st

Saturday, June 1st Warm-up Warm-up A. Activation 3 rounds (nose breathing) 20 seconds @easy on rower or bike 10 seconds @as hard as you can 10 box jump + step down 30 seconds elbows plank Weightlifting Push Press (3RM) Work up to a 3 rep heavy/max Metcon Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) Amrap 22… Read more »

Friday, May 31st

Friday, May 31st Warm-up Warm-up A. Activation 2 rounds 12 cal row/bike or 200m jog 7 bent over row 7 strict press B. T-spine mobilization PNF banded lat stretch 2 sets of 10 reps/arm – Hold each contraction for 10 seconds – Hold each stretch for 5-10 seconds C. Muscle ups warm up 10 hollow… Read more »

Thursday, May 30th

Thursday, May 30th Metcon Metcon (Time) Team workout While one partner Farmer carries 200m The other partner performs rounds of: 10 v-ups 10 slam balls 30/20 10 inchworm push ups The workout stops when each partner finishes 5 rounds of 200m carry.

Wednesday, May 29th

Wednesday, May 29th Warm-up Warm-up A. 3 Rounds 30 seconds row/run/bike @mod intensity 6/6 single arm KB snatch @light B. Banded wrist rocks 2 sets of 10 -15reps/wrist, hold every stretch for 2-3 seconds SquatUniversity/videos/ 1240319159401488/?v=1240319159401488 C. 3 sets 1 power clean 1 front squat 1 2 pauses split jerk (at the bottom of the… Read more »

Tuesday, May 28th

Tuesday, May 28th Warm-up Warm-up A. Activation 2 rounds Row/Bike/Ski/Run 1 minute – 12 Russian step ups/leg (first round) – 12 squat with plate (second round) B. Handstand superman drill 10-15 repetitions C. 2 sets 5 Hollow position to arch position on floor 5 scap pull 5 banded bent over lat pull down 5 banded… Read more »

Monday, May 27th

Monday, May 27th Warm-up Warm-up A. Activation 3 rounds @incresing intensity 60 seconds row or bike 7 box jump + step down 30 seconds elbows plank B. Mobility T-spine extension on wall 6 x 10 sec stretch, breathe heavily while holding the stretch C. Snatch tenchnical 3 sets 2 pulls from mid shin to the… Read more »

Saturday, May 25th

Saturday, May 25th Warm-up Warm-up A. Row or bike 3 minutes 30 seconds @easy 20 seconds @mod 10 seconds @hard B. Mobility Banded lat stretch (PNF) 5 repetitions/side Hold the contraction for 10 seconds Rotation+ Hold the stretch for 5-10 seconds C. Drills: 5 Elbows rotations 5 High pull + elbows rotations + front squat… Read more »

Friday, May 24th

Friday, May 24th Warm-up Warm-up EMOM 9 1st. 45 seconds Bike/row/ski @mod 2nd. 45 seconds plank 3rd. 6 box jump + step down B. Glute activation 2 sets 5 Banded good morning (band around the knees) 5 single leg RNT KB Romanian deadlift 5/5 Dynamic lateral step up Weightlifting Metcon Deadlift (8 x 2) Banded… Read more »


Thursday Metcon (Time) Teams of 2 Row 250m 8 TTB 20 rounds New Benchmark Metcon (Time) Angie 50-40-30-20-10 DU Sit up

Wednesday, May 22nd

Wednesday, May 22nd Warm-up Warm-up EMOM 9 1st. Row 12/10 cal 2nd. 15 seconds elbows plank + 15 seconds/side side plank 3rd. 10 double KB snatch @light B. Soft tissue mobilization With a foam roller, a LaCrosse ball or a barbell 1 minutes/side Lats smash C. Shoulder activation 2 sets 1 strict chin up (control… Read more »