Month: March 2016

DL, DU and Karen

Strength & Skill: Work up to moderately heavy deadlift triple Warm up to moderate sets of double unders EMOM 14 Even: 5 deadlift Odd: 30 DUs or max DU in 30 secs Metcon: Karen 150 Wallballs for time Reminder: Oly class is at 6pm

Clusters and Rowing

Strength: Work up to 5 sets of a moderate to heavy 3 rep Cluster Metcon: 2k Row for time Homework/post WOD: 5 sets of ring dips

Clusters and Rowing

CrossFit 1855 – CrossFit Weightlifting Clusters (5×3) Squat clean thruster Metcon 2k Row (Time) Max Effort 2k Row

Gymnastics and a Chipper

Skill: Work on HS skills; from kick-up to HSPU to HS walking Work on the variation at the edge of your skill level EMOMx8 (e.g. 3 deficit HSPU, HSPU to an abmat etc.) Metcon: 30 Burpees to a target 30 SDHP (95/135) 30 Burpee over bar (lateral) 30 S2O (95/135) 30 Burpee Box Jump 30… Read more »

OHS and an AMRAP

Strength: Build to a heavy 5 sets of 3 OHS Metcon: 8min AMRAP 20 KBS (35/53) 20 OHS (65/95) Note: Athletes can do 16.5 if they want / ask the coach.

Power Cleans and a Partner WOD

Strength: 20mins to build to a Power Clean (or HPC) Partner Metcon: In teams of 2, 20mins AMRAP 20-40-60-80… Wallballs (14/20) OH walking lunge (each partner 1 way, 95/135 or plate) Hang Power Cleans (95/135) OH walking lunge (each partner 1 way 95/135 or plate) *split work as needed

Easter Hours

Friday: Closed Saturday: Normal hours Sunday: Closed Monday: Normal hours Contact Andy or Steve for more information.

Back Squats and Grind

Strength: Build up to a heavy back squat triple Drop set at 75% of 1RM Metcon: 17m AMRAP 30 Wall Ball 4 DB Snatch 25 Knee to Elbow 4 DB Snatch 20 Lunge 4 DB Snatch 15 Inverted Row 4 DB Snatch 10 Burpees 4 DB Snatch

Rope Climbs and Rowing

Skill: Rope Climbs Skill EMOM: Rope Climbs Ring Dips Metcon: Row 1000m Strength Accessory: DB Walking Lunge DB Bent Over Row

Squat Cleans and Tough Couplet

Strength: Work up to a heavy double squat clean (not touch and go) Metcon: 24-21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Hang Clean Box Jump Strength Accessory: 50 GHD *Reminder Olympic Weightlifting at 6pm*